What Church will Pope Francis find in Slovakia?

Francis announced his visit to Slovakia less than three months before its beginning. After its confirmation, the most frequent journalistic question addressed to the church representatives was: “Why will the pope actually come to Slovakia and why does he intend to spend three days here?” The typical answer of the Slovak bishops was: "We don't know, Francis likes surprises."

Slovakia – country to be visited by Pope Francis in September

In a small country on the border of Western and Eastern Europe, the majority of the population professes Catholicism. The communist past has been replaced by the relative prosperity of the European Union. However, despite its dominant position, the Catholic Church is in a long-term crisis.

Traditional Church above the abyss

What is the Slovak Catholic Church like? Critical view on the Slovak Catholic Church before the visit of Pope Francis.

Theology of Mishap

Professor Jakub Schwarz Trojan and his Theology of Mishap

Reformation that preys on its own children

After all those years of service I see my church as an institution that is difficult to reform. As an institution that expels those who are critical to its autocratic tendencies and to its lack of social relevance.