About us


ok21 – Society for open Christianity for the 21st century

We wish to create space and conditions for the intellectual reflection of the cultural and religious heritage of Europe. The acronym ok21 represents our efforts for and interest in a Christianity that deals openly with the challenges and hopes of the world in the 21st century. Open Christianity asks questions and searches the answers at the borders of religion, culture, art, economics, natural, social and spiritual sciences.

Searching on the borders means to recognize overlaps and examine edges just as a living experience extends beyond the lines of pure religion, culture or science. One side is not enough to build a bridge.

The coping of Christianity with the modern, postmodern and what is yet to come in the 21st century is the way before us. This path is not prescribed, but emerges only when we make a step. Today’s Christianity is at the crossroads… We want to find the courage to live our own lives in confidence. We want to ask ourselves what do we want and where do we want to go.
Perhaps in a different but not just any way… Maybe somewhere, but not just anywhere…

If we think, speak and act differently than other Christians, may that “differently” mean that we think, speak and act in freedom, creativity, responsibility and not just “anyhow” at the same time. May our freedom be creative and responsible.


The citizens’ association ok21 – Society for open Christianity for the 21st century– was formally established at the constituent assembly on January 11, 2014.

The members of the executive committee ok21  (elected at the general assembly on 3rd of December, 2016)  in alphabetical order are:

Antonín Čech, Katarína Deáková, Jozef Hitzinger, Lucia Gvozdjáková, Rastislav Kočan (vice-chairman), Peter Križan (chairman), Mária Smreková a Marian Zajíček.

The seat of the association: Bajkalská 20, 820 08 Bratislava

E-mail address: ok21@ok21.sk

Website www.ok21.sk is available from 30 December 2014